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April 26, 2012
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Soarin sat down on a chair and hit his head hard on the table. "I give up! No idea to continue," he said angrily and hit his head on the table again.
"Soarin" a voice said, "what are you doing?"
Soarin turned around and saw spitfire looking at him glimpse. "will you answer?"
"Let me alone I'm pathetic!" he said angrily with a little sad tone.
"Soarin what's wrong?" she said worried "
"no, everything is Perfect! what a fun party!" he said angrily and slammed into the head of the table, "everything is perfect!"
"it does not sound perfect, stop hitting your head on the table, well what's wrong?" she said, curious
"No, no, let me just be, go to the other and leave me here!" he said sadly
"I do not go for than you have told me what is wrong"
Soarin said nothing for a few minutes, "well," he said angrily, "I've tried to talk with rainbow dash, you know rainbow dash?"
"the rainbow-colored pony who saved your pie at the gala," she said
"Yes, I tried to tell her something importend? 'he said and began to blush
"like what?" she said curiously
"its a secret," he said quickly, looking at something else and blushed
"continue", she said
"but every time I are trying to say it, I get interrupted by her friends or of anything else!" he said angrily
"I understand" said spitfire "where is she now"

"do not know?" "I just saw that she sat with her friends"
"gotta go, but good luck," she said, and went
"perfect," he said "what else can go wrong"
"what now!" he said and turned around, but to his surprise, neon lights stood there and looked at him.
"are you okay?" he said with a worried look "spitfire said you tried to talk with rainbow dash and you need help?
Soarin blushed, "Yes I have and yes! I need your help" "because you are together with Vinyl Scratch" he said, and blushed more and told him everything.
"Of course! 'he said, smiling" I have a plan" said neon lights with a smile," listen carefully "
Soarin and neon lights had a plan that was perfect, or they believed it.
finally part 3!!!! sorry for it took that long,anyway here it is enoy!
:star:part 4:not done yet
:star:part 3:your here
:star:part 2:[link]
:star:part 1:[link]
neon lights
vinly scratch
Copyright Hasbro
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La la la la :happybounce: 
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